Our Wellbeing and Performance Training Programmes Include...

What You Can Expect From Our Programmes...

Develop attention skills and improved concentration

Understand the stress response and negative thinking

Communicate more effectively

Establish relaxation strategies to improve energy and sleep

Respond effectively to daily frustrations and stressful situations

Attain a positive outlook and self-assurance in achieving goals

Enhance self-awareness and emotional resilience

Achieve greater flexibility in response to change and challenges

Improve time management and work-life balance

Enhance working memory

Understand brain plasticity in regard to wellbeing and learning

Manage distractions including electronic stimuli

Understand the value of gratitude and empathy

Develop body awareness skills to relieve tension and pain

“After the session I received excellent feedback from our employees. Many of them felt they now had knowledge of a practice that would be extremely helpful to them in their day to day lives, and I know for a fact that a few months on, they are still regularly practising and have continued to read up about mindful techniques.

I consider the session to have been a great success and one of the highlights of our Health and Wellbeing week. I highly recommend Business in Mind to other companies.”

Mildred Locke – Internal Communications Coordinator, Lifetime Training, Bristol